Sunday, February 12, 2012

The Long RUN!

Well Romney, Rick , Gingrich and Paul congratulations you have now become Obama-Hillary. AT least I think so. I think this is going to go much further than super Tuesday. Why

1. States that I though were safe for Mitt were not.After Florida I thought it would have been a clear path for Mitt, but when states like Colorado and Minnesota, which voted for Romney outstandingly in 2008 start to vote for Rick Santorum I think this race could take a while.

2. In 2008 after super Tuesday McCain was so far ahead there was no way he was going to lose. In this primary although still relatively early I think the states in the (united states) are going to split. Even on super Tuesday.

3. No one is leaving. Gingrinch looks like he wants to go all the way, Romney the front-runner (at least I think for now), Santorum is on an upswing and Paul in 2008 stayed in the race even after McCain secured the nomination.

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