Sunday, August 05, 2012

Marco Rubio for VP? Part 2

I will now provide the answer to the final question and give the recap as well as the overall score and compare all three VP candidates I have so far analysed.

Final Question
Does Rubio come with baggage?
He does have a lot of political experience, but Marco Rubio doesn't have any executive experience, which is what Mitt has been screaming about when he talks about how he has a lot of executive experience making tough decisions. It would be hard to explain why the we must have a someone who has worked in the private sector and knows how to make executive decisions Mitt Romney would chose someone who has been in Politics for his entire working life. Rubio has Legislative experience as Senator and state congressman. This is not just a slight disadvantage, and will for sure make some questions about Rubio being pick. John Kasich worked in the private sector very recently for 8 years and Chirs Christie did have a job as a lawyer as well as executive experience as a governor.

To Recap?
Rubio will have an enormous amount of support coming with him on the ticket,and he would defiantly help Romney in some must win states like Florida, Nevada, Colorado, Iowa as well as New Hampshire. He also seems to have a clean record and shows no major disadvantage. Which is why many people in the Republican party are hoping Romney will chose Rubio. The only problem he did state before he isn't interested in running for VP, but that hasn't stopped many before. 

Here is all the scoring of all three candidates with some slight changes

Score                                                 Marco Rubio                John Kasich                    Chris Christie
Can he Help carry a state                          4/4                              1/4                                   2/4
Motivate a group                                      3/3                               1/3                                  2/3*
Does he come with Baggage                     1/3                             2.5/3                                2.5/3

Total                                                        8/10                           4.5/10                              6.5/10

* The Reason I changed Christie's 3 to a 2 was because I found it unfair I gave him a 3 out of three for motivating the tea party and Marco the same score for motivating the tea party and getting Latino votes.

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