Tuesday, November 20, 2007

It's Not Fair!

Lunch recess indoors is not always fun or fair. Just today all of grade 6 room 204 was kept in for 20 out of the 25 minutes we have for free time. The students who are ready to go up and the last class are complaining about: monitors picking the children who are ready and an observation that I made. First of all, the monitors should pick the students who are ready to ascend the stairs. Instead, the head supervisor called class by class by class. That means that if one person from the whole class isn't ready, the whole class waits. It's students that deserve going upstairs who should go. Many kids are ready to go up, but their class is last to be called. The longer they wait, the more they will get bored. The more the children get bored, the more they will misbehave. Next, there has been a repetition of which class goes last. My observations throughout 3¼years show that it's always the lowest number room that goes first and the highest number room goes last. In grade 5, I was in room 207; highest number class of grade 5. At indoor lunch recess we were always last to go up. What did the kids do to deserve to go last? It's obvious. They are in the highest number room. Certainly, the head supervisor and his boss should change the rules so that the right people get their recess. How would you feel if you were punished collectively?