Monday, February 28, 2011

41% of Americans Want to Get Fired!

Even when the economy is tumbling a new poll shows that Donald Trump could actually be a contender in the 2012 election. Polls show that he would get 41% and Obama would get 43% that's incredible considering no other match up has the Republican that close to Obama. It seems the guy who's catch line is your fired seems to be the guy who people think can fix the unemployment woe's of the United States. If people didn't take Donald Trump seriously before now he could be even the front runner. He hasn't said he would run, but he said he would consider. He continues to talk about how the world is trying to hurt the U.S and how if he was the president the world would respect the U.S. I am not at all a supporter of Donald Trump, but if he does run (he says he will tell in June) it would be very interesting having a guy who never held political office all of a sudden becoming the President of the U.S. I can see Obama's ads now: showing  his your fired comment over and over again.
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Sunday, February 27, 2011

Harper Living off the "Socialist"

Aparently Stephen Harper supports spreading the wealth. Or in this case seats, and only if it benifits him (the oil companies or accomplishes the goal of runing Canada and destroying the enviroment.) . Stephen Harper called the NDP socialist, and since the Liberals are voring agaisnt the budget, and so are the Bloc The NDP or the "socialist" are the only thing keeping this Conservative Goverment a live. Think of it the so called socialist are holding the the goverment a float. The NDP aren't actually socialist, but the truth is for everyy bill Harper passed he needed help from the "Tax and spend Liberals" or the "Sepratist" who's leader he called "too Montrealer". If these parties are so bad why don't you just call an election Harper and get a majority since the choice is so easy. The fact is that Harper isn't even getting his 2008 polling numbers. And many people would support some sort of a coalition (which is legal Harper Because I know you have trouble knowing the diffrence). I want an election already and I hope the NDP won't sell out whcih there leader has said they wouldn't. I find this great when all three opposition parties work together to push Stephen Harper to do the right thing and change his budget.

Saturday, February 26, 2011

Stop Being Tough on Crime

As has been proven many times before, being "tough on crime" as the Conservatives like to call it does not work. Instead of reducing crime, it has the potential to harden petty criminals and make them repeat offenders, committing worse crimes. Besides, crime has actually been decreasing since about a decade ago. Why stop a system that has already been working for an inferior system already proven wrong?

Moreover, being "tough on crime" also costs more money. A lot more.The Tories are planning to spend at least $2.7 billion on new prisons and other "tough on crime" policies (the budget watchdog says it's more like $5 billion). Even some conservatives in the United States are starting to recognize that this is not the way to lower crime. Being tough on crime just isn't a smart fiscal or crime policy.

The Conservative administration in Ottawa continues to advocate U.S. Republican-style legal solutions even though the American justice system is in a shambles. 
Prison populations are exploding, police and prosecution budgets are strapped and in many states the legal-defender system has all but collapsed.
Read more at the Vancouver Sun.

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Friday, February 25, 2011

Canada Believes in Climate Change.

The vast majority of Canadians and a majority of Americans believe in global warming.The Climate change skepitics haven't won this war, and this should be no surprise.In Canada another vast majority of us believe that our federal, provincial and municipal goverments should all be a part of the solution. some kind of a Carbon tax is very popular in Canada. 73% of Canadians would be willing to pay 50 extra dollars a year in energy so that other resources would be used instead of oil. In the U.S this is also popular 55% said they would be willing to pay more in energy cost for more renewable energy.When asked about a carbon tax derictly the a poll found that 61% of people would support it. It seems that a carbon tax isn't as politically suicide as many have thought, and a surprising figure made 5 years ago is that the majority (54%) of the oil rich Stephen Harper country of Alberta actually support a carbon tax. Another surprising fact is that People who support the Liberals believe in Climate change more than people who support the Green Party. In the U.K green taxes have 63% support. A carbon tax isn't a bad word, I can't wait till other parties besides the Green party start putting a carbon tax on there platform like Stephan Dion.

See the polls here
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Thursday, February 24, 2011

Same Polls

There have been a few recent polls showing Liberal support tanking and Conservative support growing tremendously, not far from majority territory. It wasn't only EKOS that showed this, it was a few others too. Yet, EKOS' most recent poll has shown that support is back to where it has been for two years now. Conservatives at 32% and Liberals at 27%. No change at all and this is what I think we will be seeing for a while. People's minds are set and will probably not change until an election is called. This could be due to the fact that only 10% of the population is actively following politics. Once the campaign starts, people will follow. It is time to clear the air with an election.
The federal Conservatives' lead over the rival Liberals stands at five points, according to a new survey by EKOS, putting the parties back on a familiar footing after recent surveys showed a much wider gap. 
The latest results from EKOS, released exclusively to CBC News, found 32.4 per cent of respondents said they would vote for Stephen Harper's Conservatives if an election were held now, compared with 27.3 per cent prepared to vote for Michael Ignatieff's Liberals.
Read more at CBC. 

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Wednesday, February 23, 2011

Prosecutors must Win

The Charest government has forced striking prosecutors to go back to work. These lawyers are some of the lowest paid in Canada and the salary cap is almost one-half of that in Ontario. Also, there is a need to hire more prosecutors to ease the workload. Our Crown prosecutors are being overworked and they simply do not have the resources to compete with rich members of organised crime who can hire a ton of defense lawyers. It's impossible to win when you are outnumbered. Now is the time for the Quebec government to start paying prosecutors what they deserve.
Quebec Premier Jean Charest claims that he has faith in the justice system to get to the bottom of allegations of mob-linked corruption and collusion in the province’s construction industry. 
But his Liberal government’s handling of its striking Crown prosecutors – culminating in back-to-work legislation passed Tuesday after an all-night sitting – will not leave any gangsters trembling.
Read more at the National Post.

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Monday, February 21, 2011

Bieng healthy is Contraversial?

Who knew that trying to teach children to eat healthy and give healthy tips would create such a controversy. Micheal Obama who started a "let's move" campaign started by creating a garden and is now trying to tell mothers to breast feed there children, because it helps reduce childhood obesity. Now people namely Micheal Bachman who said that since the IRS now considers medical expenses as breast feeding equipment and mothers could be given a tax deduction would create a nanny state.

The IRS has a fairly broad interpretation of the term "medical expenses" in the federal tax code, including wigs, acupuncture, artificial teeth, eyeglasses, contact lenses, certain home improvements, lead-based paint removal and television equipment for the hearing-impaired as deductible expenses.

Calling this a nanny state is silly the Government gives tax deduction for many things, because it helps people. The government taxes cigarettes and alcohol. The sad thing is there are tax subsidies on fossil fuels which has more than 70 billion dollars in subsidies. The U.S also subsidies renewable energey by 12.2 billion, Ethonal and carbon capture. Now tax subsidies for fossil fuels, ethonal and carbon caturew is silly and doesn't even help people. In fact all three of them have been proven to increase CO2 which causes a lot of health problems yet the Goverment subsidises that . And when the IRS dears to subsidies something that help people's health it's a nanny state. It actually helps reducing the deficit

A 2010 cost analysis of low breast-feeding levels published in the American Academy of Pediatrics' medical journal Pediatrics found that if 90% of U.S. families followed medical recommendations to breast-feed for six months, "The United States would save $13 billion per year and prevent an excess (of) 911 deaths, nearly all of which would be in infants."
13 billion dollars the Republicans would like to add to he deficit. Yet again how many Republicans say they want to cut when it comes to helping average families and give money to big oil companies with subsidies that hurt the planet for these average families.

Sunday, February 20, 2011

Wisconsin Governor against Unions!

The Governor of Wisconsin put up a budget that would cut many benefits teachers and policemen get from the state. The major cuts are of course to balance the states budget which is in the major red zone. Now I am all for cutting in order to balance the books and have a govement that spend within it's means. The problem is that the Governor is going to kill the collective bargaining tool that unions had in the state for over 50 years. I support unions because they are there to protect the worker, and if this bill passes then the bargaining tool that the unions have that help protect the worker is gone. The Unions said they were open to cuts and having to pay more for there benefits, but the Governor of the state doesn't want to hear it. He has not tried to compromise once on anything. The union supports cut to there wages, but is telling the governor not to destroy there bargaining tool. Some state senators left the state to stop the bill from being voted on. The Governor hasn't made any attempts to speak or negotiate he just wants his budget passed. There have been many cuts in education across the country and I am for those cuts, but destroying a tool that helps protect the worker isn't going to solve any problem in the long run.

Saturday, February 19, 2011

Fire Stephen Harper

Gerald Caplan from the Globe has a good take on Harper's need to control everything. According to him, the decision to cut funding to KAIROS has nothing to do with Bev Oda. It has more to do with the Conservatives' need to control everything and make sure that there are always less criticisms of their party position. This is why the Harper government must defund organizations that disagree with them and control everything that goes out to the press. This contributes to Stephen Harper's War on the Non-Conservatives.

This is also done by the following: shutting down government transparency, proroguing Parliament, makes him and other ministers lie in order to avoid scandal, personal attacks on political opponents and other people that might get in his way and many other things. Even though Michael Ignatieff calls for Bev Oda to be fired, it is Stephen Harper that must go (along with Bev Oda and the rest of his MPs).
What happens when the smartest man in the room (by his own estimation) proves too clever by half? What happens when a one-man band puts on a third-rate show? What happens when a “brilliant strategist” is so full of uncontrollable resentment and meanness that he keeps getting himself in trouble by interfering where he has no business?
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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Friday, February 18, 2011

Finally Someone With Brains

The U.S must raise the retirement age, and no not one party in Congress is proposing it, but one governor in the blue state of New Jersey is at least telling it like it is. Now I don't support all of Chris Christie's, but he said straight out loud that the retirement age will have to raised. The U.S has to raise the retirement age the thing is if you are president or a congressman raising the retirement age will be political suicide in some cases. The risk of doing nothing on retirement will almost ensure that the U.S will have to raise taxes even more than ever before just to pay off the interest on the debt in 10 years time. I wonder how many little cuts will it take till we have a congressman who would purpose the increase of the retirement age. I wonder if in the 2012 primaries someone will answer yes to increasing the retirement age.Now I can understand why many politicians don't talk about it, because they will almost for sure lose, but then we are surprised when things like this happen. It's definitely no secret that the U.S is broke! And the raise of the retirement age is not only a no brainier, but also absolutely necessary in order for the U.S to survive without getting to a budget bust!

Thursday, February 17, 2011

More CBC Bashing

The Conservatives have continued their war against the CBC. Except it seems that the words slipped out of Immigration Minister Jason Kenney's mouth. He said, "The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?" This was in answer to the Canadian Press asking him questions on Bev Oda.

She allegedly misled the House by lying about the order to defund KAIROS. First, she said that it was not her who gave the order to refuse the funding. Lately, she changed her story to say that it was her who changed the document. There is much debate on whether she should resign, her apology suffice or even if she misled the House of Commons in the first place. Of course, Minister Kenney had wisdom of substance to tell us on this issue: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?” The Conservatives' use of the CBC as a red herring and scapegoat continues.
Immigration Minister Jason Kenney said Wednesday that Ms. Oda has apologized. When pressed by The Canadian Press on whether that was enough after misleading the House of Commons, Mr. Kenney shot back: “The CBC lies all the time. What media are you with?”
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Conservatives Against Multiculturalism !

First the Bloc now the Conservatives! Although the Conservatives did something different then not allowing Kirpans in Parliament instead they are reducing Immigration levels. Canada has a history for a long time to accept immigrants of many countries. Now Visas to allow Immigrants to the country to get a new life will be decreased by 5% even though this sounds like a little the fact that the Government would even lower the number is wrong. Canada gets skilled workers, an increase in population, more consumers and more tax payers which help pay for our services. We should be at minimum at least maintain immigration levels if not increase the numbers of immigrants. I am not saying that anyone who wants can just walk in and is a citizens, but allow people who want to come and start a better life for them or for there children have a place that they can immigrate to. The Conservatives should be ashamed to lower the number of Visas.This cut will hurt Immigrants parents the most and even cut skilled worker visas. The Conservatives are against more workers to help Canada's economy and supports fewer consumers so that the economy moves slower.

'Frankly, there's a better chance of the parents seeing a coffin before a Canadian visa.'— Richard Kurland, Vancouver immigration lawyer
The numbers show the government will issue about 56,000 federal skilled worker visas overseas, down from nearly 70,000 issued last year — a drop of about 20 per cent.
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Obama Cuts with Nail clippers

With major deficit the U.S President is proposing cuts which is a good thing I support cutting spending if the Government can't truly afford it. The U.S presidents will cut the deficit by 1.1 trillion over 10 years sounds like a good thing, but the fact stays that 1.1 trillion over 10 years means on average only 110 billion which is a blimp on the 1.1 trillion dollar deficit the U.S currently has, and even with deficit going to as low as 659 billion will not eliminate the deficit. These cuts are just the start the major budget items that will keep the U.S in even worse deficit for years to come will be much higher. Obama hopes to cut the deficit with nail clippers, but Obama needs to bring out the big scissors. Like cutting Defense, the one thing I think he shouldn't cut is the help for the poor with heating cost which will effect 9 million people. Easy solution make the super rich pay there fair in taxes. If the house passes this bill they will prove they care more about the super wealthy getting thousands more dollars in there biggy bank to leave there then they care about the poor people who need assistance. It's pure stupidity to help the rich while you make the poor fend for themselves. This bill should die fast and quick. What Obama needs to do is put the taxes back to the Bill Clinton area where there was surplus, economic growth and where social security was funded. Then lower the Corporate tax, and pay for it by creating a carbon . Raise the social security age and make more cuts in the in defense. Keep funding and assistance of the poor, and make the estate tax higher for the rich. These are real solutions Obama's little cuts will just hurt the poor and cut the deficit by an inch they need to dramatically change.
The American Gas Association, an industry group that represents natural gas companies, predicts 3.2 million households, and 9 million individuals, would be affected.

But before becoming law, the proposal will have to survive a marathon budget process, and House Republicans who favor far more severe cutbacks and Democrats in both chambers who think Obama went too far.

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Conservatives do not Agree on Crime

Even though they are Conservatives, they do not agree on how to tackle crime. The Cameron Tories in the United Kingdom have taken a completely different stance than the Harper Conservatives. They know that being "tough on crime" costs a lot of money. The Cameron Conservatives are now undoing everything that Labor had done, which is ironically against the Harper Conservatives' ideology.

In the US, some conservatives recognize that prison is not the whole solution to the crime problem. They say that it will make some low-risk offenders do repeat offences and it simply costs a lot. Jail means paying money to have more people commit crime.
Just how conservative are Conservative crime measures, really? In Britain, the Conservative government of David Cameron is working assiduously to make Britain’s prison system less costly. The Cameron Conservatives are grappling with the expensive consequences of 21 criminal justice acts introduced by their Labour predecessors, which “increased the cost of prisons by two-thirds and sent the prison population soaring,” according to Justice Secretary Ken Clarke. “My goal is a conservative one: to find effective ways of punishing criminals while reducing public spending,” Mr. Clarke says. In Canada, the situation appears to be reversed. Prime Minister Stephen Harper is emulating Labour.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.
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Tuesday, February 15, 2011

Obama Can Beat a Bush?

Even though George W Bush can't run because he has already ran for president twice there is still another Bush who everyone thinks might run. Jeb Bush Bush's brother who some say was the reason Bush won in 2000. Old poll showed that Jeb Bush was 8% behind now a new poll shows Obama at 54% and Jeb Bush at 34% Obama seems to be leading a lot of the potential 2012 candidates, and now the potential field is getting very crowded and it now gets to a point that in the 2012 election it could be the Republican candidate that has more name recognition. Palin could just win, because people know her name and she is very popular with Republicans. The thing is that candidates that are running in 2012 are really reeling on the tea party to support them and although the Tea party candidates can get elected when it comes to specific district, but when it comes to states in general where the independents of the states will chose the winner the Tea party could lose some of those supporters, because the 2012 nominee will spent so much time showing how they are more fiscal responsible and more Right wing then the others they will alienate the independent voters. The Tea party may have destroyed the Democratic majority, but might give Obama the boost to get reelected.

bama outpaces Bush by a 54-34 percent margin in a hypothetical head-to-head matchup. That's a significant uptick for the president from a September poll that indicated that Obama would only beat the younger brother of former President George W. Bush by a spread of eight points.
But National Review editor Rich Lowry later wrote he thinks this is the most favorable election cycle Bush is likely to face, given he has already been out of the governor's office for five years and is by-and-large removed from the public eye.
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Secret Toxins

For years, the Quebec government has not revealed what is in one of the most toxic dump sites in Canada, the Mercier lagoons. Yet, there are people living right next to these toxins and government after government has not found it necessary to inform the people living there. I would like to see Jean Charest sleep in a garbage can for twenty years. There have been two studies done on what is in those lagoons and they have used any excuse to be exempt from a Quebec law that says that the population must know what is in those lagoons. This information must be made public. It is our right to know.
Twenty years is a very long time for the Quebec government to deny the residents near the Mercier lagoons information about what exactly lurks in those dumpsites, known to be one of the most toxic in Canada.
Read more at the Montreal Gazette.

Monday, February 14, 2011

The NDP will Fold

The vote on the budget is coming up in March. We seem to be heading on a collision course as the Conservatives refuse to repeal the tax cuts. None of the other parties want to continue the corporate tax cuts as they are wasteful spending when we have a deficit. I have compiled the ways Conservatives could avoid being brought down. 
  1. The Tories change the budget so that the corporate tax rates do not get any lower. But, this is very unlikely because a few ministers have mentioned that they are not willing to discuss on this issue.
  2. The Conservatives cave in to the Bloc's demands. They are demanding $5 billion in new transfers to Quebec in compensation for harmonizing its sales tax among other things. These demands are completely unreasonable and it does not take a genius to see why Harper will not strike a deal with the Bloc.
  3. The Liberals vote for the budget. This is not likely as the Liberals and Michael Ignatieff have mentioned many times that corporate tax cuts must not be continued.
  4. The NDP folds. This is the most likely scenario as the NDP has much to lose in an election. Even if it is showing off its new "war room," the NDP is just a few seats shy of the record set by Ed Broadbent. In the next general election, the NDP has the potential to lose a significant portion of its seats and it would probably be smart for them to put it off until later.
In summary, the Tories will not change the budget, the Liberals will vote against the budget, the Bloc's demands will not be met and the NDP will make some excuse for why they will be voting to support Harper.
ST. HYACINTHE, Que. — Prime Minister Stephen Harper has to make a choice: cash for Quebec or an election, says Bloc Quebecois leader Gilles Duceppe. 
“I am now challenging Stephen Harper to respond to Quebec’s expectations,” a pumped Duceppe said Sunday in a speech closing a party general council meeting. “We are asking for simple fairness, elementary justice.
Read more at the Ottawa Citizen.

Friday, February 11, 2011

Bloc Against Multicuturelism!

On Wednesday the Parti Quebecois put a vote in the national assembly to ban the Kirpan in the national assembly. The Liberals and the ADQ voted in favor of this. This is crazy Canada is a multicultural country that believes in tolerance and Quebec is no exception. The kirpan must be allowed it is not a weapon it is a religious symbol I was very glad that Micheal Ignatieff went for the freedom of religion. It is a religious symbol that should be allowed in all public area like the national assembly. The Bloc Quebecois and the Parti Quebecois and even I regret to hear the Liberals of Quebec are against multiculturalism. These sort of policies tell immigrants that they aren't welcome in our free democratic country. This decision must be reversed and I think all the leaders of the Political parties should apologize to the people who live and pay taxes like any other Quebecer, and should have the same freedom as any other person.

Thursday, February 10, 2011

Flaherty Dead Wrong!

Flaherty the fiance minister of Canada the one that allowed Harper to Say that Canada was in fine economic state and wasn't going to post any deficits is now telling Canadians that the Liberals will hurt jobs in Canada. That is dead wrong Canada's Corporate tax is one the lowest in the industrialized world and more important much lower than the U.S corporate tax rate. The Liberals want to place the tax rate at 18% true the current Corporate tax rate is 16.5%, but increasing Corporate tax rate by 1.5% (which was just a few years ago) would not have dramatic effects on our economy because our tax rate is already low so we really have not much to benefit from lowering it, because business will already want to come over to Canada, because our tax rate is much more favorable almost every country in the G8. Plus Corporate tax cuts don't help the economy by much when you compare it to everything else the government could do with that money like helping Canadian family's or small business that actually need it and maybe if the conservatives were really responsible they would give that money back to China which is were that money is coming from. The Conservatives are really stubborn on keeping the deficit going on forever. Flaherty is defending the tax cuts saying it helped create 460,000 jobs.
"Canada's competitive taxes helped create over 460,000 jobs since the end of the recession, since July 2009," Flaherty said. "We are on the right track."
But there was much more in the stimulus then just corporate tax cuts and the tax cuts didn't create many of those jobs it was the money the government was giving people if the re renovated there house or helping cities pay for projects.
"To cut corporate taxes today means that Canadians are going to have to pay higher taxes tomorrow. That's not sound economic policy."
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Wednesday, February 09, 2011

Double Summit most Wasteful Spending

The Canadian Taxpayers Federation has handed out awards for wasteful government spending. No surprise, the double G8/20 summit with its fake lake got the top spot. While the summits are a good thing, as leaders can get to talk with each other and forge bonds, there were a lot of unnecessary items that the Tories did not need to pay for, like the fake lake, $14 000 for glowsticks and a security fence in the middle of downtown Toronto. This could have been handled far better by  maybe, not using money in a crazy way, a wasteful way.

Tuesday, February 08, 2011


We're fed up. That is the message of the new French-language campaign called Pucapab, Qu├ębecois slang for, "I cannot take it anymore." Accompanying the Facebook page is a well-made music. In my opinion, the video is very well done and the music too. Unlike the Conservative attack ads, these do not attack Harper's personality. This is not supposed to win over Conservative voters, it's designed to draw support from people who simply cannot take anymore of Harper. Those are Dippers, Bloc Qu├ębecois voters and Green Party. To win the next election, Liberals are going to have to show that when you vote for the NDP, Bloc or Green to vote against Harper, you end up with him.
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Monday, February 07, 2011

Mitt Romney the Front Runner!

Mitt Romney stated that his announcement for the road, but if Mitt Romney does run he would be a possible front runner. In the first 4 states Iowa,New Hampshire, Nevada and South Carolina he has a strong showing. In Iowa he is right behind Huckabee and could win the state, but in the last election in 2008 Romney was just 2% behind of Huckabee in the polls, but Huckabee won by more than 10%. Romney then looked at New Hampshire which he was battling hard for and was just 4% behind he ended up losing that state to, and he lost some momentum, but this time around it will be different. John McCain is no longer running and polls in New Hampshire shows that Mitt Romney is going to slam the competition. Now it could be looking like a battle against Huckabee. In Nevada Romney should be expected to win the state easy, but if Newt Gingrich runs his lead could dwindle, but even if he loses Nevada which I don't think is going to happen Romney is still in the four way battle for South Carolina. Meaning Romney is ahead or very competitive in the first 4 states while Huckabee is ahead and competitive in Only 2 Iowa and South Carolina, Newt Gingrich is only competitive in 2 (Nevada and South Carolina) and Palin is only competitive in South Carolina. Romney has a major advantage and last election even though he lost the election he fund-raised more money than McCain did during the same time.

Sunday, February 06, 2011

Health Care Stays!

Obama's health care bill that by itself isn't enough to fully fix the health care in the U.S, but an amazing big jump forward. Now  many Republicans want to destroy the bill that helps people who have a pre-existing condition get health care insurance. The Health care bill that helps people not big insurance companies. Repealing the health care bill would add to the deficit over 100 billion in the first 10 years alone. The Republicans would like to take coverage from people who are sic and increase the deficit at the same time. Yet they blame Obama for helping people and lowering the deficit. Some of these Republicans are hypocrites. The bill to destroy the health care bill was stooped in the democratic controlled senate, and for now the health care bill is staying. But how long will the Republicans milk this. Maybe all the way to the white house, but even if Obama loses his presidency the senate unless the Republicans gain 13 seats which would be historic and impossible none the less the health care bill will stay.

Read more here

Friday, February 04, 2011

Renewables Could Save Trillions

Renewable energy costs a lot to implement. It requires a lot of initial capital input and this raises the price for solar and wind energy. However, if we take the plunge now, we could save some money in the future. A lot. In fact, WWF International estimates that the planet would save $5.5 trillion for having 100% of our energy renewable. This is a hard goal to meet. But, even if we achieved 25% renewable or 50% renewable, we would see great savings in the future, both environmentally and economically.
OTTAWA — The planet can save more than $5.5 trillion per year by 2050 by charting a path toward consuming 100 per cent renewable energy, says a new report to be released on Thursday.
The Energy Report, released by WWF International, a global conservation organization, said the plan not only provides sustainable development, but also prevents dangerous levels of global-warming causing pollution in the atmosphere.
Read more at the Province.
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Thursday, February 03, 2011

U.S Political subsidy.

In the U.S they also have a subsidy for political parties, and in the house they voted for the repal of their political party subsidy. In the U.S this will be more devastating, because there candidates can already get funding from big corporations, and eliminating the subsidy would make politicians not accountable to the voters, but rather there money would be coming from corporations which they will have to stay accountable to in order to get their money. Now there subsidy is different than ours here, but the reason the Republicans are giving to the people are the same. The senate majority leader said that the deficit is so big taxpayers shouldn't have to give welfare to the politicians almost the same thing that Harper said. The truth is that the subsidy is important and without it private corporations will have more power than they already do. The subsidy has to stay in both the U.S and Canada. The U.S must also dramatically reform how candidates can get money.

"These efforts are not about saving taxpayer money, they are about giving corporate donors even more access than they enjoy today. We hope these measures don't advance any further."
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Wednesday, February 02, 2011

Get the Right Plane

The F-35 is not the right plane for Canada. The Harper government has suggested that these fighters are going to be used to defend the Arctic against the Russians. The truth is that any purchase Canada is going to make to defend against the Russians would have to be huge. Too big for the likes of us. If the Russians do invade (and that is a big if), 65 planes will not stop the massive Russian Air Force. The US would probably step in.

Now, it has been discovered that there is no way with present equipment that the military can refuel the F-35s while flying. We would need to spend hundreds of millions of dollars on upgrades. Also, even though the prime usage for this fighter was supposed to be the Arctic, the runways up north are too short for the plane.

When we spend $16 billion on 65 planes, we should make sure that we get the right one for our needs. If this is not the right plane, and it isn't then we should not get it. Let's save our money for an airplane that will really meet our needs.
OTTAWA -- The Canadian military does not have the ability to conduct aerial refuelling of the F-35 fighter jet it wants to purchase and is now looking at ways to get around that problem.
Options range from paying for modifications to the stealth jets to purchasing a new fleet of tanker aircraft that can gas up the high-tech fighters in mid-air. That option could cost several hundred million dollars, depending on how many new tankers are needed.
Read more at the Ottawa Citizen. 

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Tuesday, February 01, 2011

It Will Happen

Stephen Harper is saying that unless a Conservative majority is elected at the next chance, a Liberal/NDP/Bloc coalition will take over right away. This is ridiculous and no one believes him, but nevertheless, he should watch what he says, as it could put the Tory hold on power in jeopardy.

When you repeat the same ridiculous message again and again, it is possible that what you were warning against will actually happen. Did it ever occur to Harper that if he says, “They will deny it every day of the campaign. The day after, they will do it," maybe, it would actually happen. If I were in the opposition and had lost an election due to Harper's coalition fear-mongering, I would be quite encouraged to actually form a coalition.

If the Tories continue on their spin spree, the next election could be all or nothing for them. A majority or loss of power. Obviously, they are ready to take this gamble. Watch out Harper, because your fairy tale may come true.
Stephen Harper is warning us that, unless we elect a majority Conservative government at the next opportunity, a coalition of the other parties in the House of Commons will take over, virtually overnight. “They will deny it every day of the campaign,” the Prime Minister predicts. “The day after, they will do it.”
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Budget 2011!

The 2011 budget is suppose to have a corporate tax cut in it. The Liberals good for them are going to vote down this budget, the NDP are against the corprate tax, but are open to support the budget as long as some provisions are added. Like elimanating a sales tax on heating and incxraesing the garenteed supplement for seniors. Stephen Harper might fold and just give the NDP what they want to stop an ele ction. Any ways the Bloc aren't cheaper to buy off they want 5 Billion dollars for Quebec that would be political suicide for his supporters in any other part of the country even including Quebec considering Quebec still doesn't like Harper. Harper has to choose between a rock and a rough place. Either call an election that everyone in the coutry would hate or get support from what the Stephen Harper calls the "socialist" Party to help his Goverment out. I want an election now! Even if the Conservatives get another minority goverment I will still be happy as Harper can't put another budget with a corprate tax cut that no party supports, and then again there is always the hope that a coalition will come. I would chose a coalition goverment of the Liberal-NDP-Bloc over Harper's lousy goverment any day, Although I would much rather prefer a Liberal majority Goverment.
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