Tuesday, December 04, 2007

Elazar the Hero

Every Jew knows the story of Chanuka. But they probably don't know the real story involving Elazar the Maccabee being the hero. This version begins near the end of the war with the Greeks. The Maccabees were surrounded by a huge army of Greeks and elephants. Elazar noticed that there was a decorated elephant carrying the big general of the army. Without regarding his life, he went right under the elephant and stabbed its belly. Unluckily, Elazar died of an elephant crushing him. One week later, Judah the Maccabee proclaimed victory over the Greeks. It's preposterous that Judah should get all the fame. What did Judah do to deserve all the distinction? It's like an audition for a play. The better actor gets the part that they're auditioning for. But if Judah was alive today, he would've bribed the judges and got the role. I would be so angry if someone cheated against me. In the Simpsons, Mr. Burns always bribes people to keep shut. Because the person is greedy, he takes the bribe. Certainly, Elazar is the real hero and Judah isn't. We are all in debt to Elazar.