Saturday, July 07, 2007

Summer Camps and Institutes

Explorations day camp is fun because we get to choose the activities we want to do during the day. Every day of camp now consists of the activities you chose and 45 minutes of sports at the end of the day. You can choose every activity; from tennis to 3D movie making. At the end of two weeks there is an open house where your group will show what they have learnt.
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Cordes en Folie is a musical day camp for strings. It's not just playing your instrument; it's also drama, arts and crafts, improvisation, chamber music and orchestra. At the end of two weeks, your group puts together one big show with everything you've learnt (except for improvisation).
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If you play flute, violin, cello and piano, you can register at Institute of Suzuki of Montreal. Suzuki is a method of playing many different musical instruments. On the first day, you get an envelope that contains many different things. One of the most important is your individual schedule. Your individual schedule tells you what classes you're taking, where they are and when they are. The classes usually last 1 hour. There are practice modules if you want to practice when you have breaks. A practice module is a soundproof cubical.
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