Wednesday, October 31, 2007

Sad Halloween!

Since last year, I don't go trick-or-treating. There are some actions that happened a long time ago that you should know before you go out.

First of all, Halloween is a witch hunting holiday in origins. In the far past, many people burned anybody who were suspected of being witches. In reality, they were medicine women. How would you feel to be burned? I would feel that people were prejudging me. Moreover, I wouldn't have time to voice my opinion. You must remember that witches were tied up and burned at the stake. Fortunately, this persecution doesn't continue today.

Equally important is that all Jews were believed to be witches. All of them. People would storm into a Jewish town, break their houses and burn them. After those Jews were burned, the angry mob would steal that person's possessions. Every person in the world wouldn't want this to happen to themselves. Many Jews lost their wives, husbands and children in this sad period of history.

Obviously, Halloween is not a holiday to be happy. People should not say the greeting "Happy Halloween" anymore. It's not fair to the people who were killed. Make the choice. Don't say "Happy Halloween".


  1. your are writing the truth and thats great

  2. Those poor witches weren't expecting a kind of Spanish Inquisition!


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