Thursday, July 05, 2012

It's "NOT" Right to Give Oda All the Blame.

Elisabeth May wrote a very interesting post on the Green Party website that I suggest you read. I do agree that 16$ for orange juice is a complete waste. As well was the overly expensive trips by Limo funded by the tax payers. And yes misuse of public money definitively warrants criticism. Her resignation is long overdue, but let's look at the big picture. There is loads of waste in government that get's no criticism at all. Elisabeth May presents one, which is the over 20 million on security Harper has which is over twice as much was given to previous PM's.
It is also expensive: Overtime has gone through the roof, and the budget of the PMPD, as the unit is called, is set to reach $20-million this year, or twice the 2006 cost. The Prime Minister’s Office and the RCMP say the increase in costs is justifiable, since security concerns are growing and threats are now taken more seriously.
I want to go even further. There is a lot of waste in government, and even though it only represents a small fraction of the budget it is still there. Money spent unethically no matter how much is still money spent unethically. So yes I welcome the departure of $16 orange juice, but when will the guy who spent millions on Gazebo's and fake lakes go? 

So for us to complain so much on Bev Oda is fine as long as we don't allow the other wasteful spenders like Harper and Tony Clement go unpunished. The poster boy (or rather girl) for wasteful government shouldn't be Oda. There have been many other MP's much more deserving of the criticism, and don't get any. 

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