Saturday, June 09, 2007

Papier Maché

Papier maché can be very fun and amusing but very messy. You can make many things out of papier maché, including model houses, bowls and many more items. First, you have to make your adhesive. There are three ways to make the adhesive but I only know one way. Add three cups of water to one cup of flour to get your glue. Next, tear newspaper. You would want them long and skinny if you're using a circular mold but the newspaper strips can be wide if you're using a rectangular mold. Dip the newspaper into your adhesive, using the thumb and forefinger to take off any extra glue. Keep repeating these steps until you're done. Remember, papier maché can be very messy, so I would do it outside if I were you. To get more information on papier maché go to

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