Monday, August 27, 2007

Exercise Day

Today was Exercise Day (not official). It started out by walking from Bonaventure métro station to the church of Notre Dame in Old Montreal. We walked back to Square Victoria. Then, we waited 15 minutes for bus number 36 to get to Lionel-Groulx. When it arrived, we found out that it didn't go to Lionel-Groulx. So instead, we took the Orange line home from Square Victoria. In the evening, my mother, my brother and I jumped rope. I used to be very good in grade 1, but I hadn't practiced for a long time. After an hour of jumping rope, all three of us had gotten better. I like jumping rope. It's very fun. Later in the evening, my brother, my father and I went to the park. In the park, we played hide and seek tag. I love hide and seek. It's one of my favourite games. For the first two rounds our father knew where we were. But my brother and I had a plan: our father would think we were in the same place as before, but we really weren't. The plan worked so well that it worked two times. Our day of exercise was extremely exciting and fun.

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