Sunday, September 09, 2007

Coin Collecting

I like coin collecting. It's very fun because of many reasons. One reason is because it always feels like you're gaining something. Another reason is that there are many stories behind each coin. There is always a reason for the picture. If I don't know the reason for the picture, I try to find out what it is. You can collect coins in circulation or non-circulatory coins. It'll be fun both ways. I prefer collecting coins in circulation because I think it's more fun. Circulation coins won't be worth much in the future so don't think you'd be able to sell them for lots of money. If you have a very old coin, it's different. I don't plan to make money off of my coins in the future. There are some groups of coins that I like to collect. I started my whole coin collection with the 2000 commemorative quarters. I'm still trying to get them all! There are such 2000 quarters with the themes Liberty 2000, Creativity 2000 and Wisdom 2000. I've got all of these coins. Start your coin collection now!

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  1. I like collecting ice cream coins!


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