Saturday, January 07, 2012

Hidden Agenda of Zach Paikin?

As a delegate to the biennial convention, I have been doing my homework, researching each and every candidate for the executive (a surprisingly long and torturous process). While researching Zach Paikin, candidate for National Policy Chair, I of course found two controversial blog posts using facts to show how extremist he really is. Among the interesting quotes of Mr. Paikin are:

“If the Conservatives fail to begin a national discussion on the introduction of a two-tier health care system by next year, the Liberals should quickly seize this territory”

“…proceed with the current plan to reduce corporate taxes to 15% by January 1, 2012;”

He also called the Arab Spring, “…a massive strategic victory for Iran in the Middle East.”

This makes me wonder if someone with these views should serve as policy chair for the Liberals. These are not Liberal views. Mr. Paikin's views are extremely conservative. Even Dr. Roy endorses him! Dr. Roy writes, "He agrees with me on about 80% of issues." Can we really have a conservative in charge of policy of the Liberals?

This also makes me ask: what's his motive? Why is he seeking out this position? What is his hidden agenda?

Therefore, I will not be voting for Zach Paikin at the Biennial Convention.


  1. Thanks for opening my eyes to Paikin. You are absolutely correct; this guy is not Liberal material. When Dr. Roy endorses a Liberal, you know something's screwy.

  2. I'm not sure cutting corporate taxes is such an "extreme" idea, given that Liberal governments came up with it:

    As for two-tier health care, even Liberals and New Democrats have reportedly used private clinics:

  3. I'm wondering if young Zach here is trying to further put that final nail in the Liberal party's coffin deliberately? Honestly. Max Naylor has some other quotes from the young Paiken with links to with them. Bone chilling.

    I have heard that as a tactic--join a party you don't like, become involved, to 'eat the party from the inside out' is a popular one I've heard. I wonder if that is exactly what young Paiken is up to?

    Two-tiered health care. Don't be fooled. It means American health care--carbon copy. Don't let anyone spin it otherwise. In one word--NAFTA. In the case of young Paiken, he seems to want such closer integration with the US, I'm sure he loves US health care. I wonder if he has ever seen an American hospital bill? You know just an overnight stay, without anything fancy like surgery? I have. Not affordable for the working and middle classes.

    And J, Liberals may have come up with corporate tax cuts in the past, but Harper, as you know, has expanded upon them when the Liberals recently wanted to cancel them due to economic troubles. C'mon, let's be fair and besides, J, frankly, I'm very tired of "The liberals did it first" argument.

    As for Liberals and NDP using private clinics. What's your point,J? As long as they don't make health care inaccessable to those with pre-existing conditions, or to those who don't have the 10s of thousands of dollars lying around to pay for an overnight hospital stay (yes, like I said, I have seen an American hospital bill).

    Indeed, Jymn, when Dr Roy, he who suffers from a bad case of Librul derangement syndrome, goes all ga ga giddy for someone running for the Liberals, that, alone, should raise red flags.


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