Monday, July 16, 2012

OECD Report Debunks Protesters Claim

A new OECD report says lower tuition isn`t the solution to give more people access to university. In Quebec  even when we had the lowest tuition in the country we still had one of the lowest university enrollment rate in the developed world.

According to the report whether a young Canadian goes to university is dependent on many factors. The main factors the report finds is whether your parents have gone to university or not. If your parents have gone to university you are 4.6 times more likely to go to university yourself.

This Report seems to dismiss the protestors belief that the tuition hike will cause the ``death of accessibility `` It is true though that poorer income families have a hard time sending their kids to school, but the OECD report offers better suggestions then lower tuition to solve that problem
The most effective way to increase access to higher education would be to simply give direct tuition grants to the three groups the least likely to attend university: lower-income households, rural and aboriginal Canadians and, most important, those who did not have a parent attend university.
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  1. If driving your car on government paid for roads is virtually free for everyone, no matter where you are from, what type of car you have or where you happen to be going, then why in hell should something as seriously important and beneficial as higher education not be treated the same?.


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