Thursday, May 31, 2007

Artificial Turf in the Park

Artificial turf is bad. There are many injuries you can get from it such as turf toe. It has been proven that when you add water to the artificial turf, it becomes poisonous. Many countries have banned artificial turf. If the field is in bad condition, do not put artificial turf. Just make sure that the field is properly used as not to damage it. It will also make taxes higher. The lowest cost of artificial turf for one soccer field is $3.3 million. There's more: you have to replace the artificial turf fiel at a cost of $1.2 million every 10 years. In the summer artificial turf can reach temperatures as high as 65℃! The burning pint for skin is 44℃. Artificial turf should be outlawed in Canada. For more information on turf toe got to

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  1. Artificial turf allows people to lead a more active lifestyle because the facilities can be used for a longer season every summer. Maybe, cities can have a combination of natural fields and a few artificial turf fields so that everyone can be a little bit satisfied.


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