Wednesday, December 14, 2011

Harper and Kyoto a Bad History.

Harper since 2006 promised us that if he was prime minister he would scrap the Kyoto accord. He first just allowed Kyoto to stay alive, and just completely ignore it by creating "Made in Canada targets." Bow the Harper government has made it official we are out of Kyoto. The Environment minister even lied that extending the accord would cost 14 billion dollars. That statement was completely debunked by the Green party leader Elisabeth May.
It's completely untrue that we would risk a dime," May said.
And even if it was true 14 billion dollars should be no issue to Harper considering Harper has no issue spending 30 billion on fighter jets. Just shows that given the choice between the health of the world and building up our military Harper would chose the military hands down.

Stephen Harper seems like he is more interested in making sure that the Oils sands can expand then care about the health care of the planet. Extending Kyoto and making real cost will help us in the future weather the environmental and economic changes. The planet is moving away from fossil fuels. More money last year was invested in clean renewable energy versus fossil fuel. The planet is moving, and Canada is staying behind with Stephen Harper. 5 years already wasted, and hopefully no more than 5 years more to go!

"The message to the rest of the world is pretty clear: Canada doesn't give a damn," she said. (Elisabeth May)
"The Harper government has imposed a death sentence on many of the world's most vulnerable populations by pulling out of Kyoto," Greenpeace Canada campaigner Mike Hudema said.


  1. If reducing CO2 doesnt cost money and jobs why hasnt it been done? Its actually kind of funny. Here in Ottawa schools were equipped with solar panels to sell back to the grid at 10 times the going rate...didnt actually occur to anyone that there is only one taxpayer, yet, millions of gallons of raw human sewage get pumped into the Ottawa River because no one has the money to take care of the excess. Its like a cult now, prioritys just dont matter.

  2. Kyoto has failed. Finally, you have realized what most recognized right from the start.
    You blame people who didn't support the accord. You should blame those who did.

    Congratulations, you got what you deserved.

    The planet cannot move away from fossil fuels.
    We consume more now than we ever have. If we are to lift billions more out of squalor and poverty we will need to consume even more.

    Cheap energy is the only way to keep 7 billion people living. The "environmentalists" risk putting energy out of reach to half of humanity for the rest of their lives . In the meantime none of these environmentalists would do laundry by hand. google-(Hans Rosling; the magic of the washing machine)

  3. Anonymous:

    We can provide clean energy for the world that is cheap. Quebec has below the energy cost of the developed world and it is one of the cleanest. And yes it does cost money to shift our economy, but your argument that keeping the same tract is better is just purely illogical. Because fossil fuels will run out and as we can see Oil prices are going to skyrocket as long as we stay addicted to fossil fuel. Your plan of doing nothing only increases the disaster that will occur when oil runs out.

  4. It is a myth to state that fossil fuels will run out at least any time soon. There is probably 200 years left and centuries more undiscovered.

    The Quebec model is too small scale. My understanding is that through line loss even Ontario is not a market for a lot of that electrcity. Quebec has lots of water rivers etc. The rest of the world generally does not.

    Don't forget hydro is just one small componant of energy. Quebec's cars use the same stuff as the rest of us.

    Less than 1 in a thousand humans live in Quebec. The analogy is poor.

    I would bet that technologies in 20 -50 years will materialize to help the problem (which is not as bad as most people predicted). Right now the solar and wind are just not cutting it and maybe even doing more damage than good. 15 years have been wasted so far. It is time to move on.

  5. Anonymous
    First it is not a myth it is a fact that oil isn't renewable and will run out, And yes even with current estimates even with new discoveries we in no way have over 200 years we are lucky to get throw the next 50-100 years, but even if we have oil for another 100 years the price of oil will rise (as demand goes up and lower supply). If we continue to make no move to change to renewable energy the price of electricity will go so high that it will hurt the economy. So yes if we change to renewables prices will go up, but will benefit us in the long run.

    Quebec is a good analogy as it shows a place can move completely away from fossil fuels., but yes personal emissions aren't yet effected, but if we have a carbon tax we can reduce emissions that we all use.

    another interesting note is in Germany which is producing thousands of green jobs and more green energy. Yet America has more sunlight hitting the country by over thousands of times more than germany yet Germany still produces more Solar energy.

    We can move to a green economy

  6. We won't run out of oil. There's oil in the middle east, then there's oil in the oilsands, then there's oil in shale, or underneath the ocean. Lots of oil.

    What we will run out of is oil that we can afford. Here's a Youtube video with a former chief economist of CIBC World Markets that explains that we will hit $200 a barrel oil, and some of the economic impacts from that.

    One of the most interesting parts is when he explains why high oil prices don't constrain demand, but actually boost demand in OPEC countries, because you have more and more oil dollars chasing $0.50/gallon domestic gasoline.

  7. "Lot's of oil"
    that will need to be use up quickly that's the fact if we don't change our habits.


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