Tuesday, December 27, 2011

Another Deficit Year in Washington DC!

The U.S again goes for the easy way out of a problem by extending tax cuts for two months. Just like the super committee it seems that this congress is going to delay and then delay again. Nothing this year has even seriously touched the deficit. The U.S is running out of time. The interest on the debt that is accumulating every minute will soon become more expensive then medicare. The U.S has just wasted another year arguing about how bad the current congress is at getting the deficit under control. Maybe next year they will talk about how terrible the first four years were under Obama. Hello the term isn't over you have one more year to do something. Then again I am an optimist (I think maybe the rich will get some sort of tax increase next year).

Every minute we wait the more severe the austerity is going to be in the future. Happy New Year Congress.

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