Friday, December 09, 2011

Peter Kent: Let's do Nothing!

Our Environment minister wants Kyoto to die and wait until 2015 to make a new accord. Why not just start a new accord now why wait three years? Our Environment minister is playing in the past were it would be just enough just to say that we should talk about making an accord. While almost the rest of the world wants to do something now. The talk is over! action must be done now, and with the Conservatives doing nothing to help create a global accord we have no credibility when it comes to the environment. Why should the world listen to us if we are doing nothing? If we wait till 2015 we will be one of the only countries in the developed world to not have a carbon tax. Even China and India have a carbon tax. Kyoto isn't something from the past it is our environment minister and government.

Green Party Leader Elizabeth May, who is also in Durban, says Canada's involvement in the negotiations has been overshadowed by reports it plans to withdraw from Kyoto a year before it officially ends.
 "I've heard some people suggest that given how badly Canada has performed, and how negative and obstructionist our delegation has been in meeting after meeting, it will be easier if Canada is not in the room."
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