Tuesday, January 10, 2012

Easy Come Easy GO!

Apparently Santorum's Iowa momentum is dead and is no longer helping him in New Hampshire. Jon Huntsman keeping his 3rd place position, and Paul Solid at around 20%. While Mitt Romney has declined in his poll numbers according to recent polls,but  It seems that Romney is still going to beat Paul and Huntsman by a margin probably around 20% If not more.  My prediction for the NH primaries is....

Romney   38%
Paul         20%
Santorum 12%
Gingrich   11%
Perry   less than 1%

With a Romney win in New Hampshire I assume that Huntsman will concede on primary night. Paul probably going to stay forever. Santorum and Gingrich I think they will stay till South Carolina, but the only crazy card is Perry. He almost left back in Iowa only getting 10% and if he get's not even 1% in New Hampshire will he leave. He hasn't got much to stay for in South Carolina he's polling at 5%. He's practically Bachman. The race is going to narrow as of tonight that is for sure.

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