Tuesday, January 03, 2012

New Poll, and More!

A new poll by PPP shows that Ron Paul is still in the fight for Iowa and is currently at the top of the pack. Ron Paul has 20%, Romney 18%, and Rick Santorum 18%. Iowa there is a three way fight. I still maintain that Paul will win this state.

So I decided to make a poll of polls I took the last 12 on the NYT website and calculated the average, all these polls were taken from  as early as Dec 26-Jan 1.

Mitt Romney (21.92%)
Ron Paul  (20.08%)
Rick Santorum (15.00%) (to be fair in the Dec 26 polls Rick Santorum hadn't yet boomed) If you take the Dec 26 polls out his numbers jump to 16.56%)
Newt Gingrich  (13.58%)
Rick Perry (10.83%)
Michele Bachman (8.17%)

I have decided to update my projection by adding some percentages.

I think the results will be something like this
Ron Paul 25%
Romney 21%
Rick Santorum 20%
Newt Gingrich 13%
Rick Perry 12%
Michele Bachman 9%

Again these are rough, but they are where I think Iowa is. Then again the polls that count are the Iowa polls!

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