Friday, January 06, 2012

Romney Better Watch Out In New Hamshire!

Rick Santorum jumped from his near win in Iowa to now campaigning in New Hampshire. With Michele Bachman out some 5% of voters are now up for grabs in the Republican nomination. Considering in New Hampshire the only candidates that went up in the polls are Santorum and Paul I think this proves the fact that the Evangelical tea party supporters of her are moving towards Paul and Santorum .Post Iowa polls are showing that Romeny is still dominate in New Hampshire,but a similar opponents are arising

The most recent poll I can find has Romney at 38%, Ron Paul at 24% and Rick Santorum at 11%. It seems a top three is being created, and the momentum isn't in Romney's favor. Although polls have Romney ahead I think that with all the negative ads against Romney this race could get a lot closer. It will be interesting how hard Paul and Santorum will be attacking Romney in the debates.


  1. Most recent poll has Romney actually at or above 40%, Paul and Santorum below 20%.

  2. True Volkov,

    But I think that their is a all in all positive trend for Paul and Santorum in New Hampshire and while right now Romney is still leading massively I think that Paul and Santorum will be bumping in the polls more and more in the next coming days.


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