Tuesday, January 03, 2012

Things To Look For In Iowa!

When Iowa votes tonight it is important to look at some small surprises there are in the race.

So here are general areas to look for:
All the counties south of Des Moines including Des Moines (these are rural Evangelical voters who anybody, but Romney needs to make a diffrence)
The left and right side of Iowa (these areas voted Romney in 2008, Will Romney win this state like he did in 2008,? and by how much?)
All the center and north counties (who are also rural voters and evangelical)

Side note

In 2008 only one county voted for Ron Paul that county was Jefferson (it was a rural country south of Des Moines). It's a very small riding, but I am interested how Ron Paul does in this country and the area, because in 2008 all the counties surrounding Jefferson gave Paul average or very much above average.

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