Saturday, October 29, 2011

The Conservative "Target"

The Conservatives like giving out baseless targets when it comes to almost anything. They like to tell us things like the budget will be balanced by 2015 even though the PMO budget office says that it ain't going to happen. Then put on top of that billions more to corporate tax cuts and billions more in prison spending. When it comes to the environment the Conservatives make there baseless targets a joke. In 2006 they had one target that wasn't even close to Kyoto or anything else that countries were committing, then he changed that target and made it worse. And then changed it again and made it even worse. The sad fact is that the Conservatives under there current policy will not reach there lousy target and of course must reduce there target again. Now our Conservative government is setting out a target that by 2020 90% of Canadian electricity will come from non polluting resources. Environment Canada says that they won't even reach that target by 2030.  Can't wait to see how they are going to blame the Liberals on this one. Another one of there baseless target is that they will phase out coal plants in 45 years. Germany is phasing them out in the next decade, and they have less renewable spaces then us and more people. We our like the lazy child in school who continues to do nothing while everyone else does something.

Environmental groups said at a press conference Thursday the proposed regulations are too "weak" and will do very little to move Canada towards its greenhouse gas emissions targets.
 "The government has committed to having 90 per cent of electricity from non-emitting sources by 2020. But Environment Canada shows the government won't reach that even by 2030 with these regulations," said Dale Marshall from the David Suzuki Foundation.
 Bennett says the vast majority of comments urge the government to completely phase out coal fired plants in Canada within the next 15 years. The proposed regulations say that coal plants won't be phased out for another 45 years.


  1. There's no such thing as a PMO budget office. You just made that up.

  2. you are correct I meant to write PBO budget office sorry for the typo.

    Here is a link to prove it


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