Saturday, October 08, 2011

Sarah Palin Not Running!

What a week in politics. I have to say with the provincial elections and the 5 billion dollar Champlain deal it seems wired talking about U.S politics again. But yes Palin isn't running for president. With months and years of speculation you almost thought for sure she is running, but it seems the rogue governor is beholding to no one. She makes her own decisions all the time. It will be interesting now 10% of the people in the polls still said they would vote for her if they could, But what does this mean? Well Bachman might get a leg up, but the way her campaign is going she if she doesn't get some good weeks she will lose bad. For now at least it seems it's going to be Romney vs. Perry. Bachman is going to really need to catch the Palin vote to get a good chance to win. So now it seems we have the make up for our Republican nomination. All the contenders that we thought would run aren't and the one's that are seem like they're sticking. So Chirstie (the man Republicans are so in love with still want him to run even though he has done everything to say no except buying a posters on every highway saying "I am not running") is out, Palin is out. No more big speculations are left the race for the Republican nomination is on!

It will also be interesting watching who Palin or Chirstie will endorse, and how long it will take. One thing I think will happen is 1 year from now Christie will be speculated to be #1 for the VP spot no matter who wins in this current field with maybe the exception of Ron Paul.

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