Thursday, October 20, 2011

Harper support unequal provinces.

Because Harper promised that Qubec's will not be under represented in the house of commons other provinces are going to suffer. Ontario instead of getting 18 new seats will only get 13 seats. Meaning that Ontario will have in total 119 seats, but that is less than the 124 it was going to get. BC and Alberta will still get the same seats they were expected to get. Interesting why Does Harper still give the same amount of seats to Alberta and BC, but not Ontario. Well if you do the math any new Alberta seat are going to be tory strongholds, and in BC the Conservatives have a good chance of winning new seats there. While in Ontario Harper might suspect that over the long run new Alberta and BC seats are going to have a good chance going blue while new Ontario seats (a bunch in Toronto) might not be so prone in the future to vote Conservative. Which is why Ontario is going to be hit in a new revised deal. In fact with these new seats Ontario will be the most underrepresented province in Canada. BC and Alberta would be almost completely represented for the time being and Quebec would practically be dead on.

So while Qubecers get fair representation Ontario, and in the long run still BC and Alberta will be under represented. How is that Fair? Harper isn't trying to make the provinces completely fair. I understand it's very had to open the constitutions and take away seats from smaller provinces, but the fact is why promise Quebec to have fair representation and Make Ontario pay for it. It isn't fair. I am a quebecer and I say it is un fair that we get o be properly represented and Ontario doesn't.


  1. It never has been fair since confederation.
    Look at PEI. 33,000 per seat
    Alberta 117,000 per seat
    Ontario 114,000 per seat



  3. It's true, but Harper isn't making it any better. He is only representing the provinces that he thinks will vote for him and punishing Ontario for it.


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