Friday, October 28, 2011

Historic change for Quebec.

Since confederation Quebec has always held it's fair share if not even more political power in the house of commons. Now for the first time in history Quebec will have fewer seats in the house of commons. The Conservatives go figure are abandoning there promise to give the province equal representation. Now I can't say that this isn't fair considering Alberta, BC and Ontario will be much more underrepresented then Quebec will, but it still shows that our parliament isn't following since confederation Rep by Pop. For Quebec this will be new to have less political power. Now will this effect the Quebec vote? Well considering only hard core separatist are going to be fighting very hard against this, while more NDP Quebers will be somewhat furriest I think it will be a win for both of them, but mostly for the Bloc. Since the Bloc need some fire I think this one is it at least for the next month if not a part of a Bloc platform in time for the next election. The NDP might scream and rant, but in all they will probably put this issue in a few weeks in the back of there heads. So it's somewhat of a moral booster, but for the Bloc this might be the fuel they are going to try and run on for some time.

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