Wednesday, December 28, 2011

Wouldn't it be Awesome if Ron Paul WINS!

Current polls in Iowa  is showing a three way tie. Ron Paul 21%, Mitt Romney 20%, Newt Gingrich 19%. Ron Paul might just win the Iowa Caucus. Quite frankly it is slightly scary, but also pretty awesome. I don't agree with Ron Paul on much, but there is one thing that even Liberals will admit is that he is a consistent Conservative who has believed in this Tea Party Ideal for decades. I think the Tea Party should be all over Ron Paul. Now I don't want Paul to be president, but one has got to say that Paul deserves the nomination more then anyone else in the Republican party.

Unfortunately for Paul  even though he is doing well in Iowa his numbers in other primaries aren't as good. The first states are always important, so Iowa Paul has a strong chance, but what about the other early states like New Hampshire, South Carolina and Florida.

In New Hampshire Romney of course leads the race as he has done since the beginning with now 39% , Gingrich and Paul tied in 17%. Second place isn't bad, but if like Romney in 2008 too many silvers and no gold    in the early states doesn't help you get to the nomination.

In South Carolina Newt is leading with 39%, Romney a far second at 21% and Paul way further behind at 10%. This state still has a lot of time to change it's leads, but right now these numbers aren't very encouraging to the Ron Paul campaign. In Florida it's a similar story newt 44%, Romney 27%, Paul 8%.

Unless these states change their minds it is almost imperative that Ron Paul if he wants to be considered a serious candidate for the nomination win Iowa which the New York Times says he will most likely. Anyways we shouldn't count Ron Paul out at all. I think that soon Newts numbers will go so low like Perry and Bachman that voters may just in time vote for Paul. I am predicting a Ron Paul explosion very very soon.


  1. THough Paul is actually closer to the real Republican principles than almost all recent candidates, he is a deeply frightening man. There is a fundamental problem in the modern Rightwing ideology. They abandoned their small-government, lower-taxes, ideology for a corporatist ideology which they have tried (sometimes very effectively) to sell as 'free-market' and freedom approach. The problem is that the traditional ideology of the right - the one that Paul espouses - will lead to absolute chaos and disaster. Meanwhile Liberals in Canada and Democrats in the US have only responded to the modern problem by drawing ever closer to the corporatist ideology of the right.

  2. Imperialism, foreign aid, the Federal Reserve, marijuana, lobbying, federal debt and bloated government are all first tier issues that need to be brought into mainstream political discussion and discussed at length. The only politician on the political landscape today that isn't afraid to bring these things to the forefront is Paul.

    The rest just give lip service and offer half truths and pre approved propaganda.

  3. Watch the Vote 2012: Iowa Caucus

    There are worries about the possibility of vote fraud in the Iowa Caucus. The state organization is tabulating the votes in a secret location (why?), and on internet-accessible computers (again, why?).

    If Ron Paul gets the most votes, they plan to blame it on evil Anonymous hackers. The party leadership will not allow Ron Paul to win.


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