Saturday, February 11, 2012

Maine Votes and I have No IDEA!

Today Maine votes for which candidate they want to run against Obama. Now I would try and guess where these states would Go, but There aren't any recent polls. The last poll was in October (which is a lifetime ago) it still has Bachman , Perry, John Huntsman and Herman Cain!

The leader in the last poll was Hermain Cain with 29% Romney in second with 24%. So that's no help. I tried to look at the 2008 results. Romney won 52% McCain in second way down at 20%. So one might say okay Romney won, but with Colorado in 2008 a state that voted for Romney with 60% then just some days ago vote for Santorum puts a lot of doubt in predicting Romney a win.

But here is one thing I will predict. In all the contest so far in this race Ron Paul got a stronger share of the vote then he did in 2008. That means that since in 2008 Ron got 18% it wouldn't be too far of a stretch to say he would get higher then that. In fact I wouldn't be surprised if Ron get's a strong second or even wins the state. Then again I can't back this up with anything due to the lack of information. 

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  1. Lack of information? Need to know who wins the vote a day before the vote is even held? Why not ask Google!

    Google accidentally released Maine election results early!

    Either some Google staffer had their elections code accidentally pointed to a test database, or something very fishy is going on..


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