Sunday, February 26, 2012

Spending Billions On........

Peter Mckay affirmed that his government will buy the F-35 fighter jets. Peter Mckay stated that his government won't spend a penny more then they are suppose to. We are of course suppose to trust this, even though the cost of the fighter jets went from 18 billion to 30 billion (a 12 billion dollar difference, Hey that enough money to completely fund a national child care program). But my favorite line of his speech is this one.

"And we will give our air men and women the best available aircraft, which I believe is the fifth-generation, F-35 Lightning II."
And to that I show this video of Rick Mercer explaining the falsehood of that statement.

 So we are wasting 30 billion on these fighter jets when we could be using the money to actually make the Canadian economy stronger, our health care system better, tuition fees lower!

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  1. Is this what Liberals do? Take military advice from 2nd-rate CBC comedians? No wonder the Canadian Forces went through a decade of darkness under the last government.

  2. At least they don't get military advice from Bush who wanted to go in Iraq

  3. Do any of these trolls when opening their mouths have such vile tomgues, and are creating a hated toward them and they are so dense...remember the study..Cons have low IQ and are not sharp, but they still enrage smart people.
    Those jets are useless with one engine!!


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