Thursday, February 23, 2012

What A Surprise!!

The Conservatives never seem to stop amazing me on how much hypocrisy is in their government. When the gun registry was being battled in the house of commons one of the main arguments was that the gun registry was inefficient and was a waste of money. Considering the gun registry only cost 2 million dollars (about the same amount of money as that fake lake) this argument doesn't hold water. But Vic Toes is proposing 80 million dollars of money to go towards surveying what we do on the internet.

C-30, a bill to update Canadian law when it comes to crimes committed online, will cost $20 million a year for the first four years and $6.7 million a year after that, Public Safety Canada told the CBC's Hannah Thibedeau on Wednesday.
So let me get this straight a gun registry which police have said helps them against crime that cost 2 million is wasteful, but a 80 million dollar program with a 6.7 million dollar running cost to spy on us is just fine. The Conservatives are continuing to show that they aren't smart on crime!

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