Monday, February 06, 2012

Tax Sugar!

Some U.S researchers are calling Sugar a toxic substance that needs to be taxed. Now I am all for taxing sugar  as well as soda drinks and then putting that money either at reducing the deficit or putting into Health Care. I don't like saying that sugar is toxic. Everything CAN BE TOXIC in a certain concentration. Paracelsus stated "the dose makes the poison." So all substances can be toxic if you have too much, but we tax substances like Alcohol and tobacco, because the government has to then provide the money for the health problems they have later . I think that since sugar is linked to obesity and a lot of money is put into providing health care for people who are obese it would only make sense to tax this substance to pay for the amount of money is needed to provide health care for them. Rather then continuing to allow the straining of our health care system .Now I don't think that people should just be taxed without being given an alternative. Like a carbon tax taxing companies we should also provide clean renewable energy for them to shift to. More local farming and and reduce the amount of sugar in food are alternatives our government must look into. We need a food revolution to make healthy food the economical choice for families. We need to always try and make good healthy food less expensive so that if people who want to buy healthy food can always.

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