Thursday, March 01, 2012

Harper: Not My Problem!

Harper may have a majority in the Canadian house of commons, but in the provincial legislatures (or National assembly in Quebec) people elected different people in government. Yet Harper is going to push down 137 million dollars in cost down the provinces budget for parole and persecution. While the Federal government would only have to pay an extra 9.7 million in parole and persecution. If Harper wants to waste money he can do that, but the provinces shouldn't be forced to pay money that they legislature of the province don't agree with. Harper likes control and he is trying to control our provinces!

The PBO attempts to calculate how government costs would be different if the measure was in place for the 2008-09 fiscal year. It concludes Ottawa would be on the hook for $7.9-million more in prosecution and parole review costs, while the provinces would face $137-million for higher prosecution, court, prison and parole review costs.
This is only part of the bill other parts of the bill will force our provinces to waste million more on prisons. Just because Harper doesn't want to spend money on this wasteful piece of legislation doesn't mean he should have the right to take control of the priority of the provinces budget. 

However the PBO report cautions this analysis only covers one aspect of one part of Bill C-10 and does not include potential capital costs such as building new prisons. Bill C-10, the “Safe Streets and Communities Act,” is an omnibus bill that brings together nine previously separate pieces of legislation that had been introduced but not passed before the last election.
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  1. The province should simply refuse to enforce the BIll, period. The federal government can't actually compel the provinces to enforce the Bill and if Harper wants to turn it into a full-blown issue it would just bring the public's attention to the fact that it is de facto Harper forcing higher taxes on people through provincial governments. As far as I am concerned any attorney general that enforces the Bill is spineless and is handing Harper a huge victory.

  2. Great. And the next time the Liberals force a NEP on Alberta, we'll just refuse too. Fair is fair.

  3. Anonymous do you have any proof of the Liberals preparing to force an NEP on Alberta? Proof or its just bollocks hot air.

  4. As usual Gene, you wouldn't see if a mountain if it fell on you. The point is that if compliance is going to be select than it works both ways.

    If Provincial Governments that start refusing to implement national policy is okay with the Liberals, that's fine. But next time some contentious Liberal government program (if there ever is another Liberal government) is foisted on Alberta or any province that goes against its interest, it should then have the right of refusal as well. After all, it will have been the Liberals that set the precedent.


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