Sunday, March 25, 2012

Muclair has A Prayer!

The NDP have officially gotten their official leader. The result was somewhat expected, but some surprises was the amazing showing that Nathan Cullen made. But now that Muclair is leader it's time to start talking about the political map of Canada. With all new leaders it is very normal for the party to rise in the polling very quickly. Especially in Quebec. I wouldn't even be surprised if we actually had a poll that showed the NDP ahead of the Conservatives. That wouldn't be the first, but it hasn't happened in a long time. I only remember learning that it happened for a short time during the Mulroney days. Nevertheless the NDP will have their moment that is for sure. I expect their polling numbers for the next little while to reach 35% and maybe really close to 50% in Quebec! It will be interesting to see how the NDP intend to bump up their Quebec numbers, but what will be more interesting our the attack ads the Conservatives are so going to use against Muclair. Anyways the NDP had their fun it will be soon that the Liberals will have there's. One Interim down , one to go.

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