Saturday, September 15, 2007

Outdoor Wonders

Yesterday, my father and I decided to go for a walk. I brought a digital camera along. We stumbled across some interesting and wacky things. I will tell you about two of the things. If you are interested in world wonders, you would like this.

My father and I were walking in a park when I noticed something in the sky. It was light in the middle of the clouds. It looked like a window into heaven. It's unusual for me to notice these things, so I took a picture. I had to take two pictures to get the kind of photo I wanted.

My father and I walked south, past the Ville-Marie Expressway, towards Atwater market. After Lionel-Groulx, the m├ętro station, we came across a very interesting building. There was the lobby. Nothing special yet. Second floor, left: nothing, right: nothing, middle: big circular shape going to the top! What else can I find?

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  1. Cool, I like the opening in the sky.


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