Thursday, September 27, 2007

Speech Commands

Yesterday I found out a really cool application on my mac. It's called speech commands. You can demand it to do everything from getting your e-mail to telling you a joke although it can't type from speech to word processing. Nevertheless, it can open and quit all the original applications. Just say make this speakable and the item that you have selected. If you have a new mac, it's sure yo have speech commands. How do you turn it on you ask? Well, you go to the system preferences. Go to speech. At the top, there is two choices; on or off. Select on and you're ready to zoom!


  1. Sometimes I give speech commands to my kids but it doesn't work reliably. Do you know how to adjust children's preferences?

  2. I think the same can be said for parents.

  3. Does your computer sit, roll over, heel, shake hands and fetch balls?


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