Saturday, September 22, 2007

The Search for Jake

Jake is a manufactured stuffed mallard duck. My brother got Jake when he was three years old and is very attached to it. My brother has incorporated Jake in many made up games including Doggy Game, Doggy Diamond Show and The Fox dog Game. My brother and I have had lots of fun with Jake. Six years have passed and my brother is still very attached to it. He loves his Jake and Jake, if you can imagine, loves my brother.

My brother and I still play Doggy Game but it's never the same without Jake. Yes, we've lost Jake. My brother reckons it was in mid-August we lost Jake. There's only one problem, my brother doesn't remember what he was doing and where Jake was lost. Weeks of searching yielded no result. My brother is sad when he remembers Jake. Our family plans to buy a new one and that raises my brother's hopes. But the new Jake will never be the same to my brother or to me.

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