Sunday, February 19, 2012

And So Goes the Base!

Romney in 2008 had one very strong allies. That ally was his home state called Michigan he won it by 9%. Granted it wasn't a complete landslide, but it was one of the only states he did win. Which means that in a race where Romney is the front runner one would assume Michigan would be in the solid block of Romney support. But with new polls showing Santorum  with a 9 point lead and with recent events of other solid Romney states (from 2008) like Minnesota and Colorado going for Santorum. I think Romney is shaking in his boots. So it seems Romney's base has left him. Romney up till now I believed was always the front runner. Even after he lost South Carolina then Minnesota and Colorado. At this moment I think Romney is no longer the front runner at all.

Why Now?
well first until after a little while it seemed Romney won Iowa, but when Rick Santorum ended up winning it meant little to nothing, because Santorum was doing bad in all the other states. When Gingrich won South Carolina and was at the time poised to win Florida, I still believed Romney was the front runner, because first South Carolina and the south has never really been Romney's friend and more importantly even if Gingrich won Florida the next few states at that time were apparently solid for Romney. Now Romney isn't the Front Runner, because he is losing states he won in 2008 and I would consider his base.Romney is no longer the front runner. At this moment He is the strong second. If I learned anything in this primary season nothing is carved in stone.

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