Thursday, April 12, 2012

Cut Money To Health for Aboriginals (Apprently their Healthy enough)

Aboriginal communities require an enormous amount of aid. We known for many many years that aboriginal communities have one of the highest rates of poverty and have very high rates of health problems. Bob Rae hit the right nail on the head when he said Attawapiskat is our third world.
"We talk a lot about the Third World, we talk about Haiti, we talk about poverty in other parts of the world," he said. "This is our Third World. It's right here at home. These are our fellow citizens."
Governments have for years haven't done much for the aboriginal communities. Harper unfortunately has no excuse to continue this inaction. The National Aboriginal Health Organization has been told the government will not be funding the 4.4 million dollars to this organization. 4.4 million. To put that in prospective the elimination of the penny is going to save the government 11 million. Also the F35 contracts cost 15-25 billion.

I think this shows the priorities of our Conservative government. they are willing to do almost anything imaginable to balance the budget from eliminating trivial things like the penny to eliminating funding to a first nations group that is of no doubt requires much more money then just a minor 4 million, but when you talk about fighter jets or Corporate tax cuts money isn't an object all of a sudden. Fiscally responsible NO! Morally responsible Hell NO!    

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  1. 3rd World? How many third world nations give their citizens millions to help them out of poverty? Name one. This problem begins with comments like yours. The billions handed out have not helped, yet, you want more handed out.
    There is a solution to this problem, but, no Liberal or Conservative govt would ever attempt it, its called self reliance and the basic acceptance that yes this land was stolen from them. Get over it and use the generosity of every Canadian to become self reliant. Spin it, dice it slice it any way you want, but, nothing will ever change until someone has the backbone to say it...nothing.

  2. first nations schools are less funded then non first nations schools. Many of these people are living in miserable conditions. The poverty rate is high as well as the school drop out rates. These people are apart of Canada and deserve help from the Canadian people.


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