Saturday, April 14, 2012

"Tory Spin" That Is An Understatement

The Conservatives government released a report that states they have emitted 692 megatonnes of CO2 in 2010. Which is by the way an increase of 2 megatonnes. The Conservative government should take no credit on the environment at all. Since they cut billions of dollars in Green jobs initiative and undid the Kyoto accord. Since 2006 it was clear Harper would do nothing to achieve Kyoto. Now this report only shows us that nothing is being done. The Conservative plan to reduce emissions to 607 megatonnes. The Environment Minister (no surprise) has a complete different spin on it.
"This is not a blip. This is a continuing trend and when you look at the statistics revealed in today's report noting that, yes, emissions have grown since 1990 — 22 years ago — by 17 per cent, Canada's economy has grown by more than 60 per cent," the minister said.
Case in point by 2012 according to the Kyoto protocol that Harper disgracefully undid we are suppose to this year be 6 percent below 1990 levels. First Even though this is the 2010 report I don't expect at all that the 2011 report will show us reaching our Kyoto target .Second I don't expect the numbers to get any lower in the next coming years as well. In fact when the numbers for 2011 come out I am almost ready to bet a Canadian penny that the emissions will go up, because it is easy to reduce emissions when the economy is in a standstill. With the inaction coming from Ottawa it won't be surprising that Harper. It seems that Hannah Mckinnon puts it right.

"The government would be better off to stop wasting its time trying to spin their abysmal record on climate change into anything positive," wrote Hannah McKinnon of Climate Action Network in a statement to CBC News.


  1. The kyoto protocol was a fraud from the start. At best was a disingenuous exercise in public relations.

    The world has moved on. It is now understood that the whole manmade GHG theory is largely a hoax and its solutions are an expensive diversion from much greater problems.

  2. Anonymous man made climate change has been agreed by 97% of climate scientist. to reach Kyoto would only take as much as 12 billion dollars over the period of the late 1990's o 2012. if we take the F35 money or just the "accounting error" (10 billion dollars) we could reach Kyoto and if we are smart and implement a carbon tax we could reduce emission and lower income tax. The final point is that reaching kyoto wasn't impossible and not doing anything or very little (like the Harper Government) is more expensive than spending the money

  3. v'man

    Wether you perceive reaching the Kyoto targets to have been impossible to acheive or not is irrelevant. We didn't and that was predicted.

    Keep in mind it wasn't just Canada. Virtually every country failed in this and the ones that did reach the targets did it because of the collapse of communism.

    The simplistic 97% stat is nonsense. There are many great scientists who have concluded other reasons for climate change not just now but throughout human history. It is far from settled.

    Suppose though, that Canada met its Kyoto targets? Then what? A pretty plaque in the HoC? A drop in those pesky ocean levels? Colder winters in Edmonton? Of course not (except maybe the plaque), and even than some countries would accuse us of not counting the emmisions properly.

    The result would be that the threat, even if it really exists would be diverted by a few hours.

  4. I am sorry , but i disagree.

    first here is a study proving that 97% of active climatologist believe in global warming

    It would have an effect in the long term, and some countries did meet there Kyoto targets. The E-U for instances had many of it's member states reach it.


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