Saturday, April 21, 2012

NDP Not Legalizing Pot

The NDP seems to want to lag behind the Liberals when it comes to the smart on drugs plan. The NDP apparently according to George Soule the NDP wants to decriminalize pot (making it no longer illegal to have). While the Liberals are now the only party fully in favor of legalizing and taxing marijuana. The main difference is that marijuana will be legal to buy and sell, and the NDP will only allow someone to have it without facing prison time. 

But George Soule said that the NDP would want before decriminalizing a study to be done. A study! I can't believe I am hearing this from the NDP. Asking for a study when it comes to Marijuana a subject that has been studied hundreds of times over is like asking for a study on tobacco. This is a delay tactic! We don't need a study on marijuana we need to get over this issue and legalize it already!

Policy Review 
NDP seems to support having a study on the matter, and possibly decriminalizing it.
Conservatives want to put people with six pot plants in jail for six months.
Liberals want to radically move away from the "War on Drug" agenda as soon as possible and legalize the plant that has proven to reduce crime in many countries.

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  1. I'm personally surprised, and agree with you 100% (I told yo we weren't so different). Also, Libertarians have been all over this: , in particular.


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