Friday, April 06, 2012

Way To Stand Out!

The Alberta Liberals released there platform for the upcoming election in 2012. In the platform is a radical policy (at least I think) to try and reduce tuition cost of universities, and apparently try to completely eliminate it by 2025. Alberta tuition is the 4th highest in the world  country. Now I do think that tuition in Alberta should not rise and even slightly reduce for now. But to eliminate it I think it comes to a point where the government could better use the money. I am all for forgiving debt to people who want to become doctors, but it get's to a point especially in the future where universities will want money and the government will be too strapped to pay for it. In Quebec the tuition hikes are needed in Alberta a reduce is very welcomed. Being a fiscal conservative I think that high subsidization of education is good and more money for low income families are good as well, but free is too much money. We have to have priorities, and education should be on the top of the list, but our government has other places to put money into especially in Alberta when it comes to Health Care. If lower waiting times and balanced budget's mean students paying some money I think that is fair. Maybe Alberta can afford it, because it has oil , but I still say the money can be better spent. I am still routing for the Alberta Liberals in the 2012 election.


  1. Why should the government forgive the debt of people who want to be doctors? They will earn a good salary and are able to pay it back themselves.
    The Alberta liberals have little chance of winning. Danielle Smith and the Wild Rose Party will
    Be the tru conservative voice of Alberta!!!

  2. We have a doctor shortage in Canada I think helping pay some of the mountain of money people go through to get their Doctorate will help bring in many much more needed doctors. The Liberals may not look like the winning party now, but maybe they could hold the balance of power in the possibly divided Alberta parliament


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