Friday, April 20, 2012

The Way to Toronto's Heart is Public Transit!

A message to local Liberals, provincial Liberals and even federal Liberals. People want public transit funded! In a recent poll 74% of people in Toronto said that they would favor a 0.5% sales tax increase if it meant that the money would go to public transit in Toronto. With all areas having a majority of no less then 67% of people supporting it. If the Liberal party of Canada wants to get back the riding rich city of Toronto and it's suburbs it has got to jump on the public transpiration system.

Environics’ Darren Karasiuk said this debate has made people more willing to consider a tax to pay for transit expansion.
“I can’t think of a time transit and transportation has received as much attention as they have in the last few months,” he said. “The public recognizes this as an issue and they’re ready to think and have a meaningful conversation about it.”
Public transit is the way to go when it come to improving the environment , the economy and traffic. Liberals have somewhat seen this opportunity by proposing a high speed rail system, but if Liberals want to get the daily commuters of Montreal we have to look at local transportation and infrastructure. Remember the Stephane Dion 70 billion dollar infrastructure fund . We need more policies like that were people can see the results right before there eyes. It seems the public is ready for it and so should the Liberals be.
The poll’s suggestion that 905 voters back the tax may be its most important finding. The suburbs are the key battleground in provincial and federal elections. They also have less transit infrastructure and far lower ridership numbers than the city.
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