Wednesday, August 01, 2012

Harper's Religious Agenda?

Does Stephen Harper's religion affect government policy? He is associated with the Christian and Missionary Alliance, an evangelical group. We all know how these evangelical groups have managed to shape policy in the US, helping create policies that aren't based on reason and science. Stephen Harper seems to be doing the same thing in Canada, cutting funding for research and ignoring environmental investigations. If there is an organisation that controls some areas of government policy, then we should know about it.

Therefore, I agree with Lawrence Martin: Stephen Harper's religion is fair game when his policies emulate the goals of his religion. It could be guilt by association: just because he is a member of that religious group, doesn't necessarily mean his policies are controlled by it. But, more likely, it's a way for him to impose his beliefs on government policy or keep his grassroots happy. Whatever the case, because the line between policy and religion for Stephen Harper has become increasingly blurred, his religion is fair game.
Because Stephen Harper otherwise appears to be a clear-headed rationalist, there is some wonder about the motivation for these impulses, including the question of whether they are triggered by his evangelical beliefs. The Prime Minister is a member of the Alliance Church, more specifically the Christian and Missionary Alliance.
Read more at the Globe and Mail.

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  1. Yes of course. You have no evidence, just a theory that suits your ideology, therefore, a mans religion should be questioned. Say it enough times and you should begin to understand why the LPC slips lower and lower in Canadians hearts and minds.


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