Thursday, August 02, 2012

John Kasich For VP? Part 1

This is a part  of my continuing quest to research every possible VP pick before Romney announces them. Today I will analyse John Kasich. He is the governor of Ohio. His name has been thrown around as a VP candidate over the past weeks.
I will be using the same format I used for when I researched Chris Christie , where I will pose some of the very important questions of choosing a VP and score them.

Let start with the first question
Does he Help Romney carry any state?
John Kasich is the Governor of the all important swing state of Ohio, which so far has the longest holding record of voting for the winner. The only issue he isn't popular in the state. His current approval rating in his state is 41% and disapproval is 44% according to a recent poll. Even when people of his state where asked who would make the best VP choice for Romney the current Governor came in 3rd place behind Rubio and Christie. While this doesn't mean Romney will lose any votes nominating Kasich doesn't seem like it would help the ticket. Other than that Kasich has no benefit for Romney in any other state.

Can he get any group Romney can't get?
The best answer to this question for Romney is usually either Hispanic voters or Tea Party voters (as they aren't so motivated to go out and vote). Unfortunately for Kasich he isn't well known by the country and Tea Party people don't very much know him. So he's hardly someone who can excite the base. According to exit polls he won the Governor race in 2010 by getting the demographics most Republicans rely on. He doesn't much motivate any group to come out and vote for him.

Later today I will post the nest question as well as the recap and his overall score.

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