Thursday, August 02, 2012

John Kasich for VP? Part 2

And now as promised the final question as well as the recap and the overall score.

Third Question
Does John Kasich Bring any Baggage?
John Kasich does come with some small pieces of baggage. Let's begin with the less serious. John Kasich is undecided on whether Ohio should allow more use of casino's which traditionally most Republicans are against it, but again John is undecided so you can't attack a lot on that, and this is a very unimportant. The more serious baggage John as a VP nominee may face is a controversy he had with a police officer back in 2008. Where a police man pulled him over and gave him a ticket for not yielding to an emergency vehicle, and he admitted to wrong doing. The problem was that even after he admitted to doing wrong he then called   the police man an idiot for doing his job. These are very small almost not worthy mentioning issue's.

To Recap
If Romney picks John Kasich there seems to be no gain for the Republican candidate. John doesn't motivate any group Romney is lacking, He also doesn't even help carry his own state. John also doesn't have any negative attributes, which means that he would be a safe choice for Romney. Because he wouldn't cause any damage or gain.

Does he help Carry any state         1/4 (I gave him the one, because he wouldn't make Romney lose a state)
Does he motivate a group              1/3 (I gave him one because he doesn't unmotivated a group)
Does he have any baggage             2.5/3 (Because he brings very little baggage)

Total                                            4.5/10

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