Saturday, August 04, 2012

Marco Rubio for VP? Part 1

Like I did for Christie and Kasich I will now analyse the benefits and the disadvantages of Marco Rubio as a VP choice.

First Question
Does he help carry any state?
Marco Rubio is the Senator from Florida which does for some reason always seem to be in the center of political campaigns. The only issue is Rubio isn't very popular in his state. Current polls have him with 46% disapproval and 41% approval, but I will explain why Rubio can still help Romney win Florida soon. Rubio like Christie can help carry states that are very pro Tea party. Like Iowa, Missouri and New Hampshire. Although it should be noted that Missouri is already leaning for Romney Iowa would still be a toss up and so would New Hampshire. But unlike Christie though he can get Latino voters. Which may help Romney in states like Nevada, New Mexico, Colardo and even Florida. This makes Rubio a very attractive candidate when it comes to electoral calculations.

Does he attract a group Romney can't?
Yes he does! Not only would the so called "crown prince of the Tea Party" be able to motivate the Tea party movement which has been very slow to go full out supporting Romney, but Rubio would also get Latino voters which helped Obama get elected in 2008. Exit polls in Rubio's senate race showed that Rubio got 55% of the Latino votes while Obama in 2008 won the Latino vote by 57% in Florida and 67% nationwide. If Rubio is the VP candidate he could attract many Latino voters which is a very crucial block for the Obama campaign especially in Florida where Latino voters already vote more Republican than the national average.

I will provide the answer, the recap as well as the score for all the three VP candidates that I have so far analysed on Sunday at 7.

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