Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Would a Tea Party President Help the democrats?

Now some would go off and think the question doesn't make sense, but think about it. If the Tea Party was in charge what would happen. Well the President would waver Obamacare which would rally the Democratic base. The Republicans president would veto any bill that has more spending. Which means that since we know cutting spending and decreasing taxes on the rich which they (Republican candidates) are all prepared to do doesn't really help the economy. Especially there plan for Medicare that will bring no support from the older voters. Cuts to the environment would get the environmentalist fired up, and cuts into education and making it less government funded as well with lower assistance for people wanting to go to university would get the youth more angry at the Republicans. What I am saying is maybe dating the bad terrible boy friend just once enough to make us swear him off forever?

Time heals many wounds just look at the 2008 results who would have known the Republicans would rebound so quickly. The only problem is that they would create a big mess even worse than Bush. The only path the U.S should take in 2012 is Democratic, because allowing the Republicans to win so the Dems could re grab everything in 4 years won't solve the problems that will happen in 4 years of Tea party rule. What I am trying to say is anyone in the U.S thinking of not voting or voting Republican so they can mess up things so America will swear them off forever. It won't work. Or anyone thinking that if the Republicans get in office the Dems over a two midterm and a general election get the House, Senate and white house with very strong majorities so they can pass what they wanted to pass is also wrong. Let's not be fooled by the bad boyfriend that he is are only option. Obama although nowhere near perfect is the best out of the worse for now at least.

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