Sunday, November 20, 2011

Dewar Ideology Lets Have Everything!

"The orange wave stopped in Manitoba," (Dewar) 

Yes it's true, but only in the sense that the west of the country didn't fly straight into the NDP like Quebec.  But there are to many things wrong with Dewar's plan for a western strategy to get seats The NDP can't have it both ways. They can't dominate Quebec and also the west. It's very hard and has barely ever been done in Canada. The most recent exception is Brian Mulroney. I do think that the NDP can grab the province of Saskatchewan , BC and Manitoba (in extreme circumstances), but this will come at the expense of Quebec and even Toronto. How can the NDP try and get the right wing Prairie province and still try and dominate the left wing Quebec province. Quebec won't like the NDP flirting with the West. The exact place were many people feel they give to much money to subsidies Quebec programs. So The NDP I think are going to play on sharp glass if they want to get the  majority  west to vote for them. True they might garb a lot of seats in the West, but lose almost every single riding in Rural Quebec to the Bloc, a bunch in Toronto to the Liberals and some in Montreal to the Bloc and Liberals if they try to push hard for western gains. The best chance (even though very unlikely I think) the NDP can get government is if they try to get some selective seats in the west and really push to dominate the province of  Ontario.But quite frankly I don't see that happening.The NDP have a bad history in Ontario and I don't see it get any better .The NDP even with the May election just barely got more votes than the Liberals in Ontario. Dewar's plan is as good  idea as a man on a unicycle trying to balance on a tight rope. It will be interesting where the new NDP leader tries to get votes, and how Quebec will react.

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