Saturday, November 19, 2011

Let Quebec Pay

The federal government is not only going to destroy the long gun registry, but is going to destroy all the data too. However, Quebec wants to keep the registry and maintain it on its own. They are willing to foot the bill as long as it gets the data.

Why not let them? If Quebec is willing to pay to keep the registry, then the Conservatives should let them. Getting rid of the data is just pigheadedness and unwillingness to arrive at a compromise. If Quebec believes, as do I in the benefits of the long gun registry, then we should be able to pay and keep it for ourselves without the federal government behaving like a baby.
The federal government is undermining Quebec’s ability to create its own long-gun registry by refusing to hand over the data that would allow it to do so, the province’s Public Security Minister says. 
Robert Dutil was in Ottawa Thursday in a bid to convince the government not to destroy the data when it passes a bill to end the registry.
Read more at the Globe and Mail. 


  1. So Quebec is willing to give the Fed it's own cash back? What a deal!

  2. You do realize the gun registry is actually the data?

  3. Behaving like a baby? Unwilling to compromise? Look in a mirror... If you are seriously making these statements, you must not be aware of the debate which preceded the implementation of Bill C-68, creating the registry.

    The Liberal government at the time refused all amendments, refused to consider any changes whatsoever, and Minister Allan Rock in the end was quoted as saying (though I paraphrase) that the Government's ultimate goal of having no firearms in the hands of any Canadian citizen outside of the military or law enforcement could not be subject to any debate, lest it not be realised.

    Where is the debate? Where is the compromise? Then I guess there really shouldn't be any surprise that there is now no debate either...

  4. A Proud Conservative20 November 2011 at 12:52

    The federal government is not behaving like a is keeping its' promise to the voters.You are the one behaving like a baby sir.Bill C-19 is being done on a federal level,as such Quebec should respect that authority and stop "behaving like a baby" like they always do when they dont get their way.My veiw is that Ecole Polytechnique and Dawson College both took place in the province of Quebec..ban guns in Quebec,leave my legally purchased,owned and stored firearms alone.


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