Tuesday, November 08, 2011

So What Happened In Saskatchewan?

The last of the provincial elections hora is over. It went from a Liberal win in Both PEI, and Ontario. To a NDP victory in Manitoba And two right wing parties winning in NFL and Sask. No incumbent party lost there power. In Sask the right wing party lead by Mr. Wall won a landslide victory! The Liberals well what is there to say about them. I read there platform It gave no specifics! Especially on the spending cuts. The Liberal party got not even a 1%. Last time around they got 9%. By the way the Green party got more votes than us! They ran a full slate and the Liberals didn't. It seems that these elections have taught us a few things.

1. The Orange crush in all provinces is no where to be seen

In Manitoba although winning the election actually lost support. In Ontario the NDP got nowhere where they were polled let alone there federal results in the province. In PEI they got less votes than the Greens at 3%. In NFL although getting 24% of the vote they not only are in 3rd party status to the Liberals, but also didn't reach there federal election results. In Sask they dropped in support even though the Liberals didn't run candidates in most of the province.

2. The Liberals aren't dead

With regaining nearly a majority In Ontario, a majority In PEI, at least one seat in Manitoba and being the official opposition in NFL Shows us that Liberals aren't gone. In Sask the Liberals lost terribly, but it's safe to say that even if the Liberals won a majority government in 2011 there was no way the Liberals would do any better in Sask.

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  1. Ryan Bater had some excellent ideas and most of my family members would have loved to vote Liberal if they COULD have. Clearly many who voted SK Liberal last election went to the Sask Party. With the rise of the Green vote, we also have to wonder how many Liberals chose to support their local Green over the highly unpopular Lingenfelter and the right-wing policies of Wall.

    And then there is sitting home. For the first time in her entire life, my 94 year old grandmother couldn't vote Liberal. So she didn't. Now, that is in part the party's fault. It's also the political culture in Saskatchewan. When Liberals are laughed at and called irrelevant why should someone run for the party? The "victory" over what looks to be the ultimate defeat of the Liberal party is hollow since those who BELIEVED they would gain - the NDP - have just taken a gigantic whooping.

    Brad Wall is the winner this time. The big losers are the NDP followed by Ryan Bater and his strategy. If there is a silver lining for Sask politics, it is the emergence of the Greens as a viable vote that has put down some honest roots by running 58 candidates.


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