Sunday, November 27, 2011

PQ in Hot Water!

With another PQ MP leaving the party Pauline Marois and what is left of the PQ is in hot water. Not to mention that the CAQ is now coming with what some might suspect as a knight in shining armor. Nevertheless the CAQ is just a right wing party that seems to very much mimic the ADQ in many respects. With new poll shows that the CAQ would get 33% of the vote compared to the PLQ which would get 27%. The sovereignty party of Marois is at 19% (that's even worse than the Bloc Quebecois in May). The ADQ of course losses much of it's right wing support to the CAQ so it's left with a meager 6% and in a tie with the Crazy Quebec Solidaire. Interesting enough the person who was in charge during the collapse of 2011 in May is the person many Quebecois want. Gilles Duceppe although doesn't seem interested. It seems my Belle province is in a moment very similar to the Republican primaries south of the border. They are in a moment of not knowing what they want just yet and giving strangely enormous amount of support to any new comer in the race. Pauline Marois party is in for a bumpy ride, because her support is the most vulnerable to the CAQ. The Liberal support no matter what seems to be stuck at the high 20's. The reason the PLQ supporters aren't seperatist so they won't vote PQ, Quebec Solidaire or Option National and They aren't right wing so the ADQ and CAQ for many of them is out of the question. They seem stuck. The PQ has the most to lose from the CAQ, and if more MNA leave the PQ there might just be enough Independents in the National Assembly to be given officail party status.

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